Campus Ministry at CAL

evangelical lutheran church in america logoUniversity Chapel is the campus ministry site for the Episcopal and Lutheran Churches in Berkeley — but we’re more than that.  We strive to be a home for students and young adults who are looking for a way to connect with sacred stories, meaningful rituals and contemporary life.

This is one of the reasons we have created a space which is progressive, welcoming, and thoughtful.  This is why we celebrate ancient traditions, cultivate intellectual curiosity, and promote hopeful faith.

episcopal shieldWe have built our campus ministry around two meals:  communion and community.  The meal of Holy Communion (Eucharist) is a ritual and mystical meal in the sanctuary with bread and wine in which we discover the real presence of the Christ resurrected.  Our meal of community follows worship when we gather for sharing and friendship downstairs around a large table filled with a vegan feast prepared by our Chef Erika.

Throughout the year we also have many other ways to connect you with friends, spiritual growth and meaning in a busy student life.

University Chapel openly celebrates and welcomes diversity of all sorts and affirms that queerness and sexual orientations are not a hindrance and can enhance living out the Christian life.

Here’s some of what’s happening this year at campus ministry…..

  • “Magnificat” — Thursday Eucharist at 6:30 pm, followed by a dinner
  • Conversations during the week and great community
  • A spring 2015 Prov 8 retreat in Tempe, Arizonia
  • Lutheran Sunday worship at 10:30 at the Chapel
  • Episcopal Sunday worship at churches in the neighborhood at different times (Good Shepherd-11, St. Mark – 8&10, All Souls – 8&10, St. Clements – 8&10)

Our University Chapel campus ministry staff includes:

The Rev. Jeff Johnson, Lutheran Campus Pastor  |  Jeff loves being a pastor at the Chapel, the Lutheran liturgy, mystery novels, everything “happy Danes” love, rewiring his house, collecting old family photos, cooking gigantic meals for friends, and taking about everything political, religious, controversial. Jeff lives with Pepe, his husband, in a ’28 house in Oakland.  Email Jeff

Tom Poynor, Episcopal Chaplain  |  Tom is the Episcopal Chaplain to Berkeley and also  the program director for the Episcopal Service Corps – has just gotten back into bike riding and is quite happy with that thank you very much.  He also enjoys a wide swath of music and is quite indiscriminate in a love of visual art, architecture and cinema.  So yeah…basically the obnoxious right brain sort in a left brain campus.  He is fascinated by intersections, between religion, philosophy, art and pop culture.  In fact, he loves it so much that he studies it too. And then as a corrective to everything written above, Tom likes, needs and lives on coffee.  So have coffee with him.  Email Tom