Congratulation Social Justice Winners!

We have had many wonderful, deserving organizations in the running for the Social Justice awards and the following three were elected in the annual voting process:

Lutheran Volunteers Corp 
Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC) unites full-time stipended Volunteers with financial supporters, non-profit organizations and ministries to work for peace with justice across the nation. In addition to working for justice, LVC Volunteers live together in intentional household communities of 4-7 people to encourage simple, sustainable living. Financial support from the chapel will be used to support the Bay Area LVC.


Lutheran Peace Fellowship 
Lutheran Peace Fellowship (LPF) is a community of Lutherans across the U.S. and around the globe, responding to the gospel call to be peacemakers and justice seekers. Based in Seattle since 1994, LPF offers a wide range of expertise, support, and resources for youth and adults, including topics such as simple living and hunger.

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant 
The East Bay Sanctuary Covenant (EBSC) provides sanctuary–support, protection, and advocacy–to low-income and indigent refugees and immigrants. EBSC’s work primarily consists of two programs: the Refugee Rights Program and the Community Development and Education program. The chapel helped to start this organization.