Welcome to the Chapel!

Welcome back to the Chapel!  Fall is the time when we get back to work, strengthening our life together.

Liturgy with Eucharist is every Sunday at 10:30 am.  Everyone is welcome (really!).

Sept 7th is our Fall Launch!  Lunch is provided after the service.  We’re commissioning this year’s LVC Volunteers.  Each Hub will provide sign ups and descriptions of their plans for the semester!

9:00 am on Sept 7th, our “Engage Faith” series starts back up on Sundays.  Click for a booklet describing our series.  Engage Faith (compressed)  We start with “Animate:  Practices” and explore important “faith forming” practices with well-known Christian leaders who share their perspectives on the ways in which we help to strengthen discipleship. “Prayer” is the first topic!  Join us.  You’ll never pray the same way again.

Also on the “Engage Faith” Agenda:

“Word Alone” |  a regular worship conversation to discuss liturgy & music at the Chapel hosted by the Chapel’s Love God Hub.

“Migrant” Interpretations: Reflections on the Bible and Tradition from Those on the
Underside:” Sept 10th at PLTS. Join the Rev. Dr. Monica Melanchthon to explore how important biblical perspectives — from those on the margins — can enrich our public conversation about immigration policy.  Register online at PLTS

“Wee Worship”  | Second Sundays @ 9:30 am  A special liturgy designed for families for young children!  Wee Worship is designed around the special gifts and needs of kids.  It lasts about 30 minutes and includes Bible story telling through puppets and Holy Communion.  Starts on Sept 14th.  Big Kick Off Sunday with brunch afterward is Oct 12th.

And don’t forget this semester’s October 17-19th Fall Getaway at St. Dorothy’s Rest (Occidental, California) (Register now by clicking here!)