Welcome to the Chapel!

Paschal CandleWelcome to University Lutheran Chapel of Berkeley.

The season of Resurrection lasts fifty days from April 20, 2014 until June 8 (Pentecost).  We hope that you join us for worship during this season.  We have created a resource for prayer and meditation for your use during this time.  Print out this resource “From Ashes to Fire” and celebrate the season.

At the Chapel, we are a progressive, inclusive, and hospitable Christian community. Word and Sacrament are at the center of our life together. You — whoever you are and whatever you seek — are welcome in this community.

We are a community of faith at work in the world making a difference in the neighborhoods and among the people with whom we live.

In all we do, we seek to cultivate spiritual growth, nurture and care for one another, and foster renewal within the communities we serve.

In 2014 we have organized ourselves so that our “life together in Christ finds deepest expression in our love of God, each other, and our neighbors in our community,” and are focusing on four areas of ministry:

Special thanks to Jill Salmon who designed our 2014 Paschal Candle using the image of Jesus’ family tree from the opening chapter of the gospel of Matthew.  This tree importantly includes the names of Rahab, Tamar, Ruth, and Bathsheba in his ancestry.