Here are a couple of things to pay attention to that are going on at the Chapel in the upcoming weeks.

2015 Visual BudgetSunday, January 25th, after liturgy around 11:30 am, we have the first part of the our Annual Meeting — this one focused on the 2015 Mission & Growth Budget.  Our Ministry Hubs have driven the budget this year and we have exciting things to report in terms of plans for the coming year.  Join us!



Quarterly, once each season of the earth, we will switch to a different liturgy with renewed focus on creation, our stewardship of it, and the ever deepening environmental crisis.

Of the Land and Seasons will premiere with us at the Chapel on Sunday, February 1st at our 10:30 liturgy.  It’s a liturgy is based upon the ancient church tradition of quarterly observances known as Ember Days, which celebrate the cycle of agricultural seasons, using themes and images from life on the land:  tending, shepherding, planting, nurturing, protecting, reaping, training.  

These observances affirm the sacredness of the farm, orchard, and ranch and the holiness of the calling to tend God’s garden and produce food for the world.  At the same time, those whose callings lie elsewhere are reminded of the commission shared by all Christians to be diligent in the preparation of soil and training of branches to plant the word, to nurture growth in grace, and to be good stewards of the gifts of the Spirit, as well as of the land.


LentWednesday February 18th marks the beginning of our Lenten Observance with worship services at the Chapel at 7:00 am (Before work Morning Prayer with Ashes) as well as 7:0o pm (Evening Eucharist with Ashes).

As the Rev. Gail Ramshaw reminds us, the beginning of Lent gives us the occasion to admit that we will die and that we are sinners. On Ash Wednesday we are marked with ashes—a sign of our death and of our sorrow for sin—but the ashes trace a cross on our forehead, where the baptismal water first marked us with God’s grace.

Mark your calendars now and plan to join us.