Holy Week schedule

Sunday March 29th 10:30am Liturgy of Palms
Cry of the Whole Congregation
April 2
6:00 pm RSVP Soup
Call Pr. Jeff 510-757-3652 to RSVP
7:00 pm Triduum  |  Maundy Thursday Liturgy
April 3
7:00 pm Triduum  |  Good Friday Liturgy
April 4
9:00 pm Triduum  |  Great Easter Vigil
12:00am Potluck Midnight Brunch & Dance Party
after the Vigil
April 5
10:30am Festival of the Resurrection
in the manner of Hippolytus of Rome

Holy Week begins with our Palm Sunday eucharist celebration on March 29th.  Many Christian theologians have taught that the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ must be held together to be adequately understood. Thus it was that since at least the fourth century, the Christianized Passover festival that English-speakers call Easter took three days, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the first Eucharist of Easter. The framers of the three-year lectionary judged that, with the church of the future resembling that of the fourth more than that of the nineteenth, a full restoration of the classic Three Days was appropriate.

easter graphicOur Triduum celebration begins with our Maundy Thursday service on 7pm on April 2 (RSVP Soup at 6:00pm) followed by Good Friday on April 3rd (7pm), and our Easter Vigil on April 4th (9pm).

Finally we celebrate the Festival of the Resurrection in the style of Hippolytus of Rome on the first Sunday of Easter on April 5th.